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Some advice about college

  1. Apr 24, 2013 #1
    First, I'm new here and I want to introduce myself - I'm geophysics student from Croatia, and I have a few questions that's been bothering me for a while now.

    First two years of college are the same for geophysics and physics - we go to same class. Then in third year we choose where we will go. I selected geophysics. Mostly because I was sooo bored at regular physics. And there is a problem. Now I'm not sure I made a good decision. I like reading about particle physics and quantum physics, but I don't like mathematics behind all that. But at them same time I feel like I'm missing on all those "how the universe works" things from physics.

    But then again - I like geophysics, I like working on field, working with instruments, setting up instruments. From all jobs I can imagine, geophysics is the best for me.

    3rd thing - Next year I will get my bachelor's degree, and I thought about finding a job. At the moment I don't feel like continuing to master's degree.

    I don't know, I just want some advice, your stories... Something that will help clear all this mess in my head :smile:
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    (With mouseover: If you're a geologist or geophysicist and you don't introduce yourself by saying your name, then gesturing downward and saying "... and I study that", I don't know what you're doing with your life.)

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    Thank you very much, this was really polite and helpful post.
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    Once you graduate, always introduce yourself by saying your name, then gesturing downward and saying "... and I study that."
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    I seriously don't understand this answer. I haven't yet graduated. And what is this gesturing downward??
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    To "gesture downward" is to point down (i.e. towards the Earth).
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