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Some advice for PF moderators

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    I continue to be mentally boggled at the strictness of the moderators of this forum. If you are trying to scare away people who are interested in speculative discussions, why don't you just state that clearly somewhere on your main page and during the registration process instead of surprising users with these rather heavy-handed methods of moderation? For example, a large message when you sign up that says something like this would be helpful:

    Warning: Physics Forums is for people who want to learn the settled facts of physics from academically trained experts rather than speculate about or debate new ideas. If you are looking for a place to have wide-ranging speculative discussions of physics or other topics please find another forum!
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    Yes, as per the rules you agreed to on signing up.
    Please do.
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    At the top of the page is a link called "rules" which states very clearly our policy on overly speculative posts. We ask that members read these rules before they start posting here. If you had read the rules, then you would no longer be 'boggled' by the moderation policy.
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    Physicsforums is a very serious forum for people who are wanting to learn. I find the strictness of the moderators very good. It doesn't need to change.
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    Oh boo hoo. So they don't want to hear crackpot theory after crackpot theory. And I can't blame them. Fact is, there's a place for discussing speculation, and it's called Independent Research. The rest of the forum is for established facts, not speculation. Sorry if we don't cater enough to you.
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    I guess you failed to read the guidelines which you agreed to when registering?


    That's what you agreed to when you registered.
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    N.B. Post locked by cristo: you (the OP) have received enough answers to your post.
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    We're certainly open to new ideas, and there is a process by which a new idea is introduced.

    First - the idea has to be grounded in reality - not fantasy - or misunderstanding.

    One can find our guidelines for introducing new ideas in IR.

    One needs a good understanding of the state of the art and the background represented therein.
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