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Some ARXIV questions

  1. May 13, 2013 #1
    I have submitted a maths paper at ARXIV, but now I find my paper was deleted with an admin note:
    withdrawn by arxiv admin due to use of pseudonym against arXiv policy
    In fact, I have no English name, I do not want to use Chinese spelling, so I write my name as Strongart which I have used at here. mathoverflew and other many places.
    If ARXIV insist, I will change my name, but I find that I can not login ARXIV again with a note:
    Your account has been suspended by administrative action. Please contact moderation@arxiv.org if you believe this to be in error.
    Then I sent an email to ARXIV, but it seems that the reply is made by robot as followed:

    We apologize for the inconvenience this causes but these measures are
    necessary to reduce spam. Your email address <strongart@hsit.edu.cn>
    has not previously sent email to moderation@arxiv.org and is thus not yet
    recognized to bypass our spam filter. Once we receive your message the
    above preface, your email address will then be recognized in the future.

    Do not use "reply" to respond this message since it may go to the wrong
    address. Please also do not include attachments with your email unless
    explicitly requested arXiv administrators.

    (Note that many viruses cause email to be sent with forged addresses,
    so we may be replying to a message that came from an infected third party.
    You should be able to determine if this is the case by examining the
    routing information from the message header attached below. If the message
    did not originate from your email, no further action is necessary.)

    Then what should I do?
    1)I want to get my ARXIV account again, but I do not know how to do it.
    2)If I can not get my account back, can I regist a new account? Then can I upload the deleted paper with a little revision at my new account?
    3)Can I submit the deleted papers at VIXRA? Can I submit a paper both at ARXIV and VIXRA?
    4)ARXIV need a ticket, but VIXRA is too disorder. Does any other pre-print websitie except them?
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