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Some basic astronomy questions

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    Alright, so basically, I'm freaking over this. Not littiorally, because the assignment isn't worth THAT much. But I've been working on my astronomy assignment ALL DAY. And there's some questions I can't get. I can't seem to find the answers (with reasoning) anywhere. I've tried yahoo answers aswell, so far to no avail.

    So I'll just copy/paste what I put at yahoo answers. Any help for anything is really helpful. For my class I'm using the textbook "Universe Eighth edition", by roger freedman or something. I REALLY appreciate any help from anyone on this, because it's due pretty early tomorrow.

    "Alright, so basically I'm doing an introduction Astronomy course, and the TA is nowhere to be found. So I was hoping someone could help me with a few of the questions I can't quite figure out, how to figure out. Not nescessarly the answers, because it's more important I figure out -how- to do it.

    2)In each of the following, give the azimuth and altitude of a star which is:
    (c) at the intersection of the Celestial Equator and the Meridian at latitude 45º N.

    Suppose that you live at a latitude of 40º N. What is the altitude of the sun above the southern horizon at noon
    (a) at the vernal equinox?
    (b) at the winter solstice?

    I think for this one, the answer is is 63.5ºN, and 26.5ºN, for a and b resepectivly. But I'm not sure. And I'm also not sure how to set up a drawing for it?

    a) What is the right ascension of a star which is on the meridian at midnight on September 23rd ? Explain
    b)What is the sidereal time when the vernal equinox rises? Explain
    c) On what date is the sidereal time closely equal to the solar time? Explain

    for 4.c, I think the answer is the Sep. 21st, but I forget the word for it. I'm not entirely sure why however.

    I don't need the answers to all of them either (well, I do), but any help is greatly appreciated.

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