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Some basic questions

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    i'm new in mechanical engineering design and build .
    i have a few questions.

    1.which language of programming is better for me to learn?
    2.which software(s) is good for me to learn?(catia?Pro engineer?solidwork?ugs?)
    3. should i learn programming or some softwares FIRST ?

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    1. Most any high level programming language will be beneficial. However, I personally preferred C++ and VB.

    2. As many as you can! Each company will most likely use a different software. ANSYS products are good in general.

    3. Doesn't matter IMO.

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    1) C++ seems to be the most useful for mechanical engineering, although VB is useful for programming stuff in Excel, SolidWorks and other programs. I would recommend starting with C++ and once you get good at one language you can more easily move to others.

    2) It depends on what industry you are going to enter. Some car manufacturers use catia, at least one uses unigraphics. Overall i would recommend Solidworks. Its easy to learn and use and each time I have been on the job market it seems like the most requested.

    3) It seems like your emphasis is mechanical design, so you should definitely start with getting good at CAD (i.e. Solidworks). Programming usually won't be to integral to that imo. CAD first, learning how to use electrical items/microcontrollers second (like Arduino microcontrollers, which includes some basic programming) and then programming third. At least that's my recommendation.
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