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Some basic Windows XP questions

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    I recently installed WinXP on my Macbook Pro with Intel. I am used to my PC at work and i am trying to mimic some of its features. I have 3 main issues right now:

    1.) I would like to be able to drag and drop shortcuts from the desktop/start menu TO the taskbar. I have unlocked the taskbar but I am still getting the little 'circle with a line through it' symbol indicating that Windows angry with me.

    2.) When I go to My Computer-->c:/ it gives me the screen that says something to the affect of "These are system files....don't touch them...." no matter what folder within the c-drive a try to open. I mean, it will let me open them, but the blue warning screen is pretty annoying.

    3.) I cannot see the address of my current;y selected folders. I turned on 'Show Full address' under my folder options. But I still don't see it. I am used to seeing something like "c:\Folder\Subfolder\something.doc" in an address bar. But I cannot get an address bar to even show up.

    I hate to think that this is related top the fact that I am on a Mac, but I can't rule out the possibility. However, it would seem that these are functions of the OS and not the hardware.

    Any ideas?
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    Mac shouldn't make any difference.

    1) The task bar? Do you mean the quick launch bar? You can't drop items onto the task bar. Are you sure the quick launch is open? Make sure "show quick launch" is checked in the taskbar properties.

    2) Tools->Folder Options->View uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"

    3) View->Toolbars, make sure "Address Bar" is checked. Also make sure you check "Display full path in the address bar" and make sure to hit "apply to all folders"
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    Try dragging the actual application to the quick launch bar, and not just a shortcut TO the application. I don't think Windows likes creating shortcuts to shortcuts (TIP: if you have a shortcut, right click on it, open up its properties and find the actual path).

    Never seen the blue screen before... Usually, the first time I go into the C, Program Files, or Windows folders, it'll warn me that these are system files, but the warning never appears again when you acknowledge that you know what you're doing and want to go into the folder.

    In an open folder window, go to the menu and select View > Toolbars and make sure that "Lock the Toolbars" does not have a checkmark to the left of it. If it does, click on it to (you can verify by going opening up the submenu again and seeing if it still has the checkmark beside it). Now, in the actual toolbar area of the window, there'll probably be a box that says Address. Drag it to the bottom of the toolbar, and you'll have an address bar! You can either lock the toolbars again, or just leave it be.

    I concur with DavidSnider; this is just the default configuration of whatever copy of the Windows XP Install CD/DVD you used. Happy Mac'ing!
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