Some brain teasers Plz look and try

  1. Some brain teasers~~~~Plz look and try....

    Hey i have a couple brain teasers please take a look. I will gave how many letter and words the answer is. This isnt really php code its just easier so the text is formatted right for the x thing.

    1)     White, 3F, squared            ( the answer is 5 letters long)


    2)       X              X
          _________      ________  hint: x marks the spot (answer is 4 letters)
             X              X

    3) wajmmajbhtptfpbljghgachcmrtwhchrtekjnfcrbcb  (answer is 10 letters)

    Please guess away at any of them
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  3. Has anyone tried these (just curious).
  4. I dunno-- they're so incredibly vague that I'm not inspired to even try. Maybe it's necessary that they're so vague, but to me (and apparently to others?) it's just uninspiring.

  5. My thoughts exactly! I started to look for possible solutions, but quickly the vagueness turned me off because I don't even know what I'm looking for.
  6. Can you give us some context? Where did you get these from? It looks like a joke.
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