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Some Career and Academic Guidance Appreciated

  1. Jan 29, 2012 #1
    Good Afternoon Fellow Physics Enthusiasts and Educators,

    My name is Aaron and I am new on pf and was heavily recommended to join by my former lab assistant (current P.Hd student) and friend at the University of Arizona Physics department. At the time, I was studying general science courses but moved to Chicago and studied Business Administration at Illinois Institute of Technology. I would like to gain some valuable feedback and insights from the more experienced individuals in academia as well as people that could lead me into the right direction.

    First off, I am 22, and finished my Bachelors of Science in Business however I do regret it. One of the reasons why I chose to study business rather than my original subject (engineering) was because of the teachers incomprehensible teaching methods here at IIT. A lot of the professors were foreign and were almost "drone" like during their lectures. Now as I get on here and see some of the links from the Great Minds of Susskind, Lewin, Feynman, I am actually quite jealous and wished I had professors of that caliber teaching me. I do not criticize or question the intellectual capacities of the professors I met and took part in at IIT, however I feel their background and teaching methodologies (the latter coming from India, Iran and China) greatly differ than the Professors from the USA. I am reconsidering going back to Physics and giving it another shot, because 1) my father studied Physics (but unfortunately was not able to or had the opportunity to pursue Masters) and still knows a lot about the core theories and subjects, and 2) my own love and passion for the physical and atmospheric universe is there. My only concerns are my mathematical background and being able to grasp the concepts and was wondering if anyone had any sustainable advice to help me come back to physics. and 3) the career opportunities are much greater and feasible than that of a Business degree which are a dime a dozen.

    Secondly, what to look for in teaching style and quality? I am currently in Chicago, but will probably be moving back to New Jersey (my home state) and would like some help considering good programs in New Jersey that are affordable (Princeton is out of the question for me haha).
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