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Some chemistry too

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    Which elements have electron configurations different from what the periodic table predicts? I have the d-block, but i don't know how/where to get the rest.

    Suppose in another universe, everything about atomic structure is the same as in our universe BUT there are 3 possible spin states for an electron in an orbital(up, down, and side) instead of two. How would this change where the elements are in the periodic table? which are the noble gases?

    In another universe, everything about quantum mechs and atomic structure is the same as in our universe excpet that the l quantum number can take values from 0 up to the value of the n quantum number. How would this change where the elements are on the periodic table? Which are the noble gases?

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    This looks like homework (and a double post)

    What are your thoughts, sara ?
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    For the first one, I don't know how you can determine which ones are exceptions. I found a list of the d-block and i know how to explain them, but i just don't understand how you know which are the exceptions i guess.

    For the next two, I don't understand how it ties into the periodic table.
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