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Some cool stuff(very cool)

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    if you take the time to read this web site all of the recorces are very well labled usually after any thing or any points in modern physics are brought up.

    [crackpot link deleted]

    tiz very cool, cool indeed.

    "stupid people do stupid things, and smart people try to out-smart each other"
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    and dont even think about tin foil jokes!!!
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    That site is highly refined crackpottery. You'd do well to steer clear of it.
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    trust me ill take yr word for it but none the less some of the physics and astronomical portions are rather interesting, considering he has predicted that there needs to be 2-3 more planets in our solar system for his theory to work, and well guess what there have been 3 discovered, all being smaller than pluto but none the less 3(or maby more)
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