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Some Doubts on Perturbation theory

  1. May 22, 2003 #1
    Here they go my doubts:

    a)Could It be that a theroy that is not renormalizable in three or four dimension could it be renormalizaed in two?..i mean if depending on the dimension a theory is renormalizable or not....when it comes to gravity..in wich dimension is renormalizable?.

    b)When you have HF=dF/dt where this would be the functional schroedinguer equation with functional derivatives then if we have H=H0+Hint then if we use perturbation theory to calculate F (The functional wave)..my question if that this perturbation scheme is realted to the covariant perturbation theory.
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    I don't know why you said doubts, but

    1. Yes. Renormalizability depends on dimension of spacetime. It is essentially because power counting of momenta for your propagators depends on it. I don't know in what dimension gravity is renormalizable (It may not be in any dimension), but in (2+1) dimension it is exactly solvable even though it is not renormalizable.

    2. In principle, yes.

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