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Some English questions

  1. Feb 28, 2006 #1
    1. He seems honest
    2. He looks honest
    3. Maybe he is hosnest

    What is the difference between them ?:blushing:

    Second, in order to recommend someone to some organizations/schools/companies, what words/statements you would use to describe him so that he can get the job/bonus/an increase in salary/or be accepted, etc.???? (I want to write something to introduce my friends to some big boys :blushing: )

    Thanks :wink: yaye, i am not a native please bear with my awful use of the language
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    Well the first one somewhat implies that the speaker kinda knows the person they are talking about and feels that the person is probably a honest person. The second one means that the speaker believes the person is honest based solely on looks (which is odd). The third one is the speaker saying that he/she does not really know whether the person is honest or not and is simply stating that the person could or could not be honest.
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    Thanks, how about the second question ?

    I still have some questions. These uses of adverbs are not listed in my dictionaries, I have a lot.

    1.He is probably a murder
    2.He is likely a murder
    3.He may be a murder
    4.Possibly he is a murder

    I am afraid I will use those adverbs incorrectly, so I would like to ask you in advance. Thanks for your kind answers. God blesses you all!
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    But I think all of them are the same, could zoo again put them in order from highest to lowest possibility ?
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    By the way, usually, a student is not allowed to read recommendation letter from his/her teacher, I wonder how I can write one for the schools to believe in the one to be introduced.
    I know writing something like that must be hard. if someone could tell me what points are to be taken seriously...
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    Native speakers use them daily but why they don't feel a thing about the differences in what they are talking about ?
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    In your four questions you are making a baby mistake you would never make in your own language.
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    So how would you give percentage of use to each of them in order anyway ?
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    I think the problem here is connotation. To a native english speaker, these adverbs carry small differences when used this way. Their definitions may all be very similar and they may very well be synonyms, but they carry slightly different meanings when used certain ways.

    In my opinion,
    2. states the strongest case of him being a murderer (someone who commits murder- this may be what zoobyshoe was talking about).
    1. second strongest
    3 & 4 are next, though they are saying the same thing in my mind.

    My interpretation, though, is subject to many factors and may not be the standard interpretation in California.
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