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Some general questions about EE carrier

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    I know this is carrier oreinted guidence topic and if it is in the wrong section let me know and i will remove it.

    I am a senior EE major and I have completed my core classes for the most part and now have to take only electives + senior design project.

    My question is this:

    What classes would you guys recommend taking in order to get a good foundation for design and be desired in the job market?

    I know this is a very open ended question and I know the responses will be "well it depends on what you want to do" but I am not 100% sure what I want to do because it seems that i want to do everything! I am interested in almost every EE subject there is.
    But to narrow my question down a bit let me tell you the reason why i have been thinking about this. Today I had a conversion with a EE grad student at my school who worked in industry for a couple years and he seemed to think that if I wanted to have good job prospects out in industry i should take a lot of digital oriented classes as electives while I am an undergrad because you will end up building more projects and he said that more things these days are digitally oriented than analog.

    That seems to make sense to me, would you guys agree? Also, at my school they have many fancy MEMS-NANO TECH classes that seniors can take but I feel that if I spend too much time learning these fancy topics that i might not have time to build projects on my own or learn seemingly more useful basic/fundamental topics such as VERILOG and MICROCONTROLLER design, digital signal processing. etc....

    The grad student also told me that if i wanted to go to grad school right away and do research then it would be a good idea to take MEMS-NANO tech "fancies classes", but if I want to go into industry right away he said that probably wouldn't be my best route.

    I know this is getting kind of long but does anyone here know much about MEMS-NANO tech? Are these techniques still very theoretical? Or do they actually use some of them industry? I would really like to take them because they seem very interesting but if I am not going to use these subjects outside of school i would rather spend my time taking other classes.

    What classes helped you guys in industry? What classes didn't?
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