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Some good research topics please?

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    I was wondering how and where physics researchers find good research topics
    in the field of theoretical physics? (and possibly experimental physics too)

    I'm not talking about obvious holy grail of physics such as 'theory of everything'
    or cold-fusion..
    but some topics that are "within reach" for those who have been independently studying graduate-level physics (and knowledgeable enough to pass a typical qualifier exam)
    but not affiliated with any university.

    Could you provide some good topics and possibly an estimated difficulty level...

    Thanks in advance...
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    Dr Transport

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    There is no real list out there. Your advisorwill discuss a list of topics that they think you can handle for an advanced degree. Your advisor may also make you do the background work and come up with your own topic. Also taking to other people in your intended field of study will help you formulate your research.

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    some growing topics from recent papers look like, cp violation, decay of k b mesons, violation of fundamental symmetries, meson decay with chiral perturbation theory, inflation, extra dimensional cosmology, supersymetry and extra dimensions, dark matter, black hole entropy, moving mirrors, and negative energy, soliton models of elementary particles...

    can anyone think of some other hot but reasonable topics?
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