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Some help on a problem please:

  1. Sep 22, 2006 #1

    I'm totally new to these forums and only have knowledge of physics up to around about a first year university standard. I recently had quite an interesting idea that I wish to delve into deeper but a key flaw of this idea was that I did not understand the physics of it enough to be able to determine whether there was a chance of it being true.

    I'd be very grateful if someone (or even a couple :smile: of people) would give some input by answering this question. To date I have accessed only non-physics forums and tbh the answers I have received have been poor to none.

    Anyway, to the question:

    Do all particles and entities (energy, radiation etc) in the universe adhere to fixed laws in their behaviour and interactivity with other particles?

    I know there is probably (almost certainly) not a clear answer to this but I was hoping really to determine whether the Uncertainty Principle (or anything else that is relavent) causes random behaviour of some particles at the sub-atomic level. I am not concerned with whether such behaviour can be measured and predicted but simply am interested in whether the behaviour of a completely isolated system (isolated from ALL uncontrolled outsite intervention) will follow the same path in an infinite number of repetitions.

    If the question has parts which are vague I would be more than happy to elaborate to the best of my ability.

    Thanks very much to everyone,
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