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Some inetersting thigs

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    I need a short text which I can take it to class and talk about it. It must be short enough to take just 7 minutes to tell all of it.
    It can be about anything, science, diplomacy, ...
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    Omid, I am ashamed of you!

    With a tool like the internet at your fingertips you ask someone here to give you something to talk about?

    If you don't have encyclopedias, go to google.com and type in a topic you are interested in, you will find much more than 7 minutes of information. Don't plagiarize, read information from different sources then write your own conclusion.

    A great topic would be what the internet has done for academics. Places like Physics Forums where people can meet to share information and learn.
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    wikipedia.com is also a good place to go.
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    Havin too many solutions is the same as having no solution :biggrin:
    Thanks for the link, it is a good help.
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