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Some info on the GREs

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    I was hoping someone here could clarify some things on the GRE tests... first of all, when is the optimal date to take them for a student applying this coming December to graduate schools? I was looking on the GRE website but it is a bit confusing as regards to test dates... am I right in assuming that this is given almost every week? I thought I saw that there is a deadline for registering (Sept 15th) and the test is given on a certain day (Oct. 28), or is that just for the paper test? I went to register for the computer based test and it told me to pick an appointment time, of which there were a few every week.

    If someone could help me understand these things i'd be grateful :)
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    edit: misread, thought you were applying for December, not in December.
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    Anyone know?
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    The subject tests, as far as I know, are only administered about 3 times a year. The computer-based general test can be taken any time (but only once per calendar month, up to 5 times in a 12-month period), and yes, you have to go online and book a time to take the test. As far as I can tell, they are administered every weekday throughout the day: you just drop in to the test center on the day and time of your test and write it.

    I would recommend booking your test for a date as soon as possible, allowing time to prepare. Download the GRE POWERPREP software for free from the site to prepare, and look at the other free preparation material offered on the website. If you're proactive, it will probably only take you a weekend to prepare, so you may want to book your test for as soon as a week from now.

    You go online, book the test, and find out the location of the place where you booked the test. Then on that day and time, you go the place, sit down for a few hours in front of the computer, write the test, and go home. There's not much to explain here, what exactly is confusing you? If it's the paper test, I don't know anything about it.
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    Thanks very much for the info. What was confusing me was that the test would be given so many times, I thought it was a few times a year thing (like the subject tests), that's why when I understood it like you explained it I thought I got something wrong. Again, thanks!
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