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Some info please on graduate courses

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    Hi..i am studyin M.S. in M.E. emphasis on aerospace engineering in california, usa...my catalogue mentions i need 30 units total for the degree. I need 21 units of electives at the 500 - 600 level. My question was if i am able to take those 500-600 level electives in any field like ME, AE, CE. I have talked with few advisors but they have been very confusing so just wanted to get an idea from other ME students...tnx so much.
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    At Purdue, in both the AAE and ME graduate curriculums, there are some courses that will give credit for both major areas. Most of the AAE courses that give credit to ME's are in the areas of aerodynamics and propulsion. For AAE's it turns out that the acceptable ME courses seem to be more focused on dynamics. There aren't many courses like this, but they do exist
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    hi aber...tnx for ur input...i will try to get hold of other AE students but its summer still so i guess ill wait until first week to add..ty again
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