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Some Intresting Artifacts?

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    In the above web site is a bunch of so called "artifacts" that challenge the current theories of how the earth and human society was developed.
    Take a look.
    Comment on authenticity...
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    Take with a somewhat large pinch of salt. This guy gives little backing to his claims, and says very little that shows he even has a scientific background. He makes a lot of un supported comments which could frankly be bullpoo for all we know, for example he tells us what the dropa stones depict (or his interpretation) but does he show us the heiroglyphs? No! Who knows what they may look like. I doubt any kind of scientific investigation has been done into any of these artefacts, and I'd look for something more solid than this before you assume any of his info to be true.
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    Example: The coso artifact looks like a spark plug, because it is a spark plug.


    This should give you a clue as to why context is frequently misleading in getting a date, especially for singular items.
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