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Some more advertisements (related to marketing and advertising)

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    Why are advertisements important to the economy?
    Why are there advertisements on TV?
    Why are there different advertisements relating to difference target audiences in different channels?
    When was advertising on TV first made?
    Is there anything that effects the frequency of advertisements on TV? (i.e some advertisements seem to appear more than others)
    Does the length of the advertisement relate to cost in anyway?
    What are the superbowl advertisements and why do people pay so much for them? Why are these advertisements unique?
    Does Little Caesars pizza still advertise on TV?
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    ps , thank you
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    Is this a survey or our homework? If its your homework, please provvide on some answers for the questions.
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    damn it, no its not homework . It's my fasination with life.questions ive always wanted answered, instead I get the response "Is it homework"?
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    I made up the questions and I don't know the answers to them. See my other questions on the universe
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    Ok i think all but 2 of those questions are incredibly self-explanatory or common sense...
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    Edit: Nevermind I only read the first 2 or so when I said that. They're all stupid.
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    I'll answer these ones:
    Yes. 30 second adds are more than 15 second adds and less than 60 second ads.
    Superbowl ads are ads during the superbowl, people pay a lot because so many people watch the superbowl and they're unique because they're during the superbowl...

    Okay screw this, this is definitely homework, it's just stupid.
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    Dissemination of information ---> "I didn't know I needed one of these, now I do."
    Popular medium ---> lower "per view" cost of advertising.
    No idea, although it can't be too long after regular TV programs were started.
    Good question.
    Sure, it's usually priced on a per "time unit" basis (e.g. per second, per minute).
    Those are the ads that appear during the broadcasting of superbowl matches. Since viewership is higher (more audience), total amount per time slot is also higher. Think of it as a high-price auction. The winning price will go almost as high as the highest valuation that any advertiser places on that time slot.
    So the viewers can remember the product??? (Just guessing.)
    Not sure, haven't seen it for a while now, but then I haven't been watching much TV lately.
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    Thank you.
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    My point was, why the hell do they need to advertise on TV or advertise at all? It doesn't make any sense to me. No one really answered this question, and instead of saying "its stupid" and "its my homework' (Which it isnt) people just say this is stupid and dont bother to answer it. Thats just BS. I do thank the one helpful response, though.
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    I am 17, and I couldl not find these answers anywhere. Jeez.
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    This was homework. Puhlease. :rolleyes:

    EnumaElish, please do not answer these types of homework questions anymore, we have rules against it. I would have pm'd you, but you have that blocked. I suggest you un-block.
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    Advertising products to satify the various needs of both the sellers and the buyers.
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    Had I known this was HW I wouldn't have; and I will not.
    It is no longer blocked. (My PM block is over! I can PM, and pages of it! Evo's Manual for Creative Authors really works! Well worth its price! Highly recommend! :smile: )
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