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News Some of Alito's views

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    Just revealed that Sameul Alito was a member of the conservative reactionary group, "Concerned Alumni of Princeton":

    (emphases added)
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    You know, when I enter a thread entitled "Some of Alito's views," I kind of expect to see something either written or said by Alito, or perhaps a ruling of his.
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    This one might be worth discussing

    $455,000 to $1 million: That is a really profitable investement firm. Does this mean Hizzoner dozen't know exactly how much he has invested in a company which he made a leagal ruling on???

    http://www.theeagle.com/stories/112605/nation_20051126007.php [Broken]


    The delima here is that Alito can not own an interest in a company on which he make a ruling. Alito says that he only owns shares in Vanguard. Vanguard says that it is owned by it's shareholders.
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    Here is a quote from 1985.
    From the same document.
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    He specifically said in his confirmation hearing that he would recuse hinself in any case regarding Vanguard.


    His problem is credibility.

    He now says that his 1985 statements were because he was applying for a job?

    Isn't that what he is doing now?

    I don't have a link for his statements about the 1985 memo when his opinion is the constitution does not protect a womans sovereignty over her own body.

    I don't trust this guy at all.
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