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Some of the new stuff, first impressions, Bermuda triangle, Anasazi, the hard problem

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    Re: first impression
    Just glanced through the topics here, they all seem interesting, and I'll go through them all in detail later, what the about incredible anomolies awaiting credible investigation?

    moon some sort of gamma ray or high energy particle interaction maybe?

    Anasazi, this is probably not the only instance of peoples abandoning civilisations, this is precisely what happend to the Mayans who returned to the jungle tribal existence from whence they came after, it is suggested, widespread famine, very difficult to find evidence of famine. The Aztecs are reported to have sacrificed 50,000 people in one day to assuage the sun gods anger and return fertility to their lands.

    The hard problem: where does conciousness come from: is a philosophical and theroretical nightmare for psychologists and neuropharmacologists alike, an example of the scale of the problem: Selective Seratonin Re-uptake Inhibitors(SSRI's i.e Prozac) take 3-5 weeks to have any noticible effect, but the brain chemistry of a depressed person on SSRI's and non depressed person without any medication after just a few hours are identicle, so why's it take 3 weeks to have any concious effect?

    as I said will comment more seriously when I've read them.

    yeah that gas venting is a sugestion for the ship sinkings in the Bermuda triangle.

    Thanks for this stuff, I like fringe, non fringe physics whatever ya wanta call it
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    Stuff and - nonsense?

    Anyone got any ideas about the hard problem it's a subject that fascinates me.

    perception is the clouding of reality surely :smile:
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