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Some other curious questions about stars

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    Do they move in the galaxy or just stand still ? How can we check if they are moving ? I mean meteors, not planets...
    And Would you please tell me what makes them move ?

    Thank you very much,
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    Stars & meteors are very different things. Stars are things like our sun. A meteor is a bit of rock or dust that enters the Earth's atmosphere and burns up. Both move through the galaxy. Everything in a solar system (planets, asteroids, meteor-material, etc.) orbits its sun. The sun goes around the center of the galaxy due to the gravitational attraction between the sun and the rest of the galaxy. Gravity doesn't make it all collide together because the sun has a velocity (speed & direction of motion) that is tangential (sideways) to that gravitational pull. So, the sun loops around the galactic center in a huge orbit just like the planets orbit the sun an the moon orbits the Earth, etc.

    If you took detailed measurements like an astronomer (comparing the positions of the stars relative to each other), you could see them moving.
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