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Some People believe in Censorship

  1. Sep 12, 2004 #1
    We were having a good discussion on a contriversial issue when the thread was arbitrarily locked. Monitor's privelege certainly but normoally reserved for some violation.

    In this case Janus comes from another site where this topic was running and he doesn't like the topic since it raises questions about Relativity. I had no roblems with and even anticipated the topic would be moved, which it was but locking the topic and making threats.

    That is a bit much. there was no name calling just healthy exploration of some contriversial issues.

    But since Janus is BOSS man here he wants to flex some muscle. Fine but be it known to all this site is being censored.

    You have been warned for the post: Your Post. Your warning level is now: 7. This action was taken for the following reason: This ain't going to fly here.. Please reply back if you have a dispute. Janus
    NOTE: "your post" refers to the topic "Time Dilation Tests" in the Relativity section, which was subsequently moved but still being discussed.

    Do I have a dispute. You bet but I will air it here. Stick your mighty pen in your ear Janus. If you can't answer my questions then perhaps you should return to school, not try to control the questions raised here.

    Want to have me banned? Have at it, what is the purpose of being a member in a site where one cannot discuss politely any subject but is blocked by the personal whims of an idiot. You poor damn egotistical fool.

    Bye All.
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    And this public display earns you sympathy... how?
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    FYI, I merely moved your post and issued the warning. The reason for the warning was twofold: For vilolating the posting guidlines (which you obviously read) and for posting Crackpot material. As far as the Crackpot material part goes, I calls them as I sees them.

    Your post was locked by either the Admin or one of the moderators of the forum to which I moved it. Obviously someone else had issues with it, as did the person who reported your post to me.

    As far as banning you, that is not within my power, though I can put my two cents in on the matter.

    They may put up with your antics over on that over forum, but here we hold a higher standard.
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    No sympathy sought. I wanted people to know censorship is alive and well.
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    Well I'm glad you have responded. You have my apology for blaming you and calling you names, but my words apply to whoever did do it. I anticipated that the post might be moved, not that it definitely would. I was after all posing a question, not making a statement.

    Frankly the responses that I did get here were in good taste and thoughtful. Something I can't really say happens on that other forum. :smile:

    Understood. And I redirect my personal rath to that person for their ineptitude.

    Does that mean you'll vouch for me. :biggrin:

    Well, I would disagree certainly. My post is not antics. As far as a higher standard, I could vote for that as long as that does not include censorship because a particular person doesn't like the subject.

    The fact is we were having a useful dialog. There even seemed to be interest in that one poster indicated he was going to start another thread along the same lines. Wonder if he'll get locked too?

    In any case you are off my **** list, at least temporarily.
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    Fact of the matter you are correct, we believe in censorship on this forum. If you are unable to present accepted Physics your input will be censored. Personal theories are neither welcome nor wanted. We find plenty to discuss without giving a free soapbox to everyone who thinks they are the next Einstein. Generally, unlike Einstein, they are not educated in the current state of Physics and present only garbage. If your thread was moved and locked I will bet you need to take a break to learn some Physics.
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    Herding crackpots might even be harder than herding cats.

    - Warren
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