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Some people just don't die

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    Why would someone do that? did they ever say?
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    I don't know why they were attempting to kill themselves.

    But, they both were very determined. One was going for the 3rd attempt which IMO is unusual.
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    Anyone want to bet they were high on about a bottle of pills?
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    There fixed it for you.

    But yeah amazing they weren't killed.
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    We should use them for experiencing new drugs on them!:tongue:
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    Guess the old saying is true, "God looks after drunks and fools"
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    I wonder if they felt suicidal because they never do anything right, as they proved here again.
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    My mother used to say that: "Aunt Evelyn lived to be 100 (despite being a raging alcoholic) because she basically had been pickling herself for all of these years."
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