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Some questions about Matrix Revolution

  1. Nov 27, 2003 #1
    Can you please answer me a few questions:

    1) Did Neo die ?
    2) How was Mr Smith defeated?
    3) Who actually created Matrix? The old man?
    4) Who actually is Oracle? A programme or real person?
    5) Eventually, was the world restored to Reality ?

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    1 and 2. Yes and no. When Neo was absorbed by smith, his humanity also transferred into the system. Thus he became a part of the mainfraime and destroyed smith from within. Or at least that's the best working theory I've seen so far. So Neo's physical form died, but his concisouness was transferred to the source.

    3. The Machines actually created the matrix. The architect is like the "master programmer" who runs the whole show.

    4. This is a guess, but She is also a programmer, it's her job to "unbalance" the equation. You almost might say she's the master hacker.

    5. The matrix was 'reset'. Remember, the architect said that this had been done 6 times before neo. Each time "the one" chooses 6 couples to start over with, Zion is destroyed, and the cycle starts over again. Only this time Neo chose to save Trinity instead. That is where the cycle diverged, and a new path was chosen, which ultimately led to a peace between man and machine, and culminating with Neo's merging with the mainframe.

    This is all my interpretation of the movie, but they made it so damn vague and with so many inferences and double meanings, that the ending sucked. It didn't answer all the questions, as any last movie is supposed to. It's this neverending cycle of spawning 3 questions for everyone one it answers, and philisophical references that just lead to confusion. I was disappointed, to say the least, in the ending

    Remember, smith was the matrixes answer to neo- his doppleganger of sorts, created by the matrix to balance the equation of neo. I believe that the oracle is in turn the mirror of the architect. Something cannnot exist without an opposite, so one created the other to balance the equation.
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    Matrix is the stupidest Sci-Fi ever. And use all those big terms to cover up their stupidity rofl.
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    Smith was a wild program. Neo made his bargain with the machines on the promise to destroy smith. He said the "system" couldn't do this by itself, it needed his special way of being to accomplish it.

    I am really doubtful if anybody in the movie was "real". Note the theme of "going in" and "going out" (the train). Can you "go out" from nonreality to reality? Sounds more like the the "real people" were specially separated programs.
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    That is a possibility. At the end they mention "the others-the ones who want out". They don't say "the humans, just "the others"-almost as if they are progroms too. Plus that whole. Smith in the real world thing. It makes sense.
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    Self, very little of the logic in the movie made sense, so why wouldn't things be able to go from one reality to another? The movie didn't even stay constant with it's own logic and made absolutely no sense, the people making the movie were probabally all really stoned.

    Examples of retarted logic and simple stupidity in the movie:

    Keanu Reves was cast in the movie, you'd think after the first movie they'd fire reves and adjust the plot so that neo chose to alter himself to not look and act like a retard constantly.

    Smith's human form stabs some woman in somewhere in her lower torso, she dies in seconds. Trinity is skewered on 5+ rods and lives long enough to piss me off to a ridiculous degree.

    All the smiths don't gang up on neo the second that neo hurts the 1 smith.

    The breast tweaking scene.

    Neo's superior was a hobo.

    The dialogue.

    Hindu programs(how stoned does someone have to be to come up with that?).
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    In the first movie there was much talk of freeing the entrapped humans who were being used for electricity, with Neo being The One who would free them. By the third movie all Neo is interested in is saving Zion. In fact, if you hadn’t seen the movies which came before Revolutions you wouldn’t even know that there were any people being used as batteries, which really makes this movie smell foul. Furthermore, for those who did know about the trapped humans, you just about have to conclude that Neo was cutting a deal with the machines that would have allowed them to continue using humans as a fuel source.

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  9. Nov 28, 2003 #8
    The whole 'freeing humanity' was nonsense from the start...free them to go where?!?

    OK, here's how I would have finished the movie(a game I'm sure lots of us are playing this month!):

    Neo fights Smith, allows Smith to take him over, and then, instead of all the Smiths exploding, they would have all turned into an amalgam--

    Agent Anderson!
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    I would have been happy for them just to recant all that human perpertual motion machine gibberish, and replace it with some more credible reasons for the matrix.
  11. Nov 28, 2003 #10
    ...and to think after being four years delinquent in seeing the original, then trying my best to get caught up!
    I best stay away from movie threads from this point on, hehe.
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    I was sort of expecting that sort of ending, to be honest with you...something along the lines of "Well, the Earth cannot support you as-is, so we have been holding you to keep your species alive"...something to make the whole thing a bit more logical.
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    i thought at the end of matrix refreshed that they were all still in the matrix and that's how neo was able to use his fruvy powers on the sentinals and that he'd be the first one to realize that the apparent escape from the matrix is just another layer of control.

    smith died at the end of matrix by neo blowing him up in a ball of light and the same thing happened at the end of matrix rotations. can we say sequel? i think each time the matrix is refreshed, neo should become more and more Godlike and agent smith more and more luciferic and in matrix 29823: matrix refreshed for the zillionth time, it will actually just be a john wayne western rereleased with neo and smith completely aloof and out of the picture but every now and then referred to by their new names.

    did anyone see the mtv movie awards prologue with the matrix motif on the reloaded dvd? it's got justing timberlake and that dude from american pie. it may be funny to you.
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  14. Nov 29, 2003 #13
    The movie does not show Neo defeating Smith in the fight.
    Is it the Matrix itself defeated Smith ?

    The movie also does not show what happen to Oracle when smith found her in the kitchen.Smith held her hand, but what happened after that?

    And, what is special with the Train Station? What is the condition between reality and Matrix? Why we must need the train to get Neo out of it ?

    And, Who is that Frenchman? What is special with him? Her wife in Matric 2 is very SEXY !
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    I would bet that they left that open to interpretation deliberately so they can do more movies, maybe a series, or something else, if people are willing to provide funding.

    Remember the words "Everything that has a beginning has an end"? Something like that. The Neo/Smith thing really began when Neo got inside Smith, and left something of himself (choice) behind. This allowed Smith to become the viral thingy he became. That was the beginning. The matching end to that beginning was Neo allowing Smith to become part of him, or for Neo to become completely part of the Smith infection. Basically completing something which began in that building at the end of the first movie. You could say that Neo became an infection of choice which became one with, and annihilated, the uniformity of Smith.

    At least that is how I choose to see it.

    The old man, yes. A programme named the Architect. He/it has created the Matrix several times.

    The Oracle is a programme designed to attempt to understand the emotional, intuitive side of humanity.

    At the end, the Smith infection was wiped out, and those infected returned to their former selves. The Matrix still exists, the war is over, and they had an agreement that those who were ready to be free and wanted to be free would be allowed to go out into the real world (Zion and all that). However, as indicated by the Architect's words at the end, the AIs may or may not live up to their side of the deal.
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    good explaination
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