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Some questions about Robert

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    Here are what i am wondering..

    What are the best ways if she wants to forget Robert ?

    When she made a question in the forum, why didn't Robert give an answer to help her?

    When she was going to leave, why does he appeared to call her back ?

    Is that the way he deliberately does to have a bigger catch at present and in the future or something ?

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    No one knows what the hell you're talking about.

    - Warren
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    I have some questions about vance like...why would you post something that nobody but you understand?
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    I am sorry, I intended to post only for those who could understand and hope they would give me some answers but I wasn't good or lucky enough to be able to get any help from them but only from those who couldn't or didn't understand what i was talking about, I have made you and many others confused, that is my bad!
    I was in the middle of my program code's page in which I had to use system call interface or API's as many people know, I am looking for some reasons as to why my function calls didn't work out correctly... I have tried so much but made no success so far, I might swear not to use any kind of this coding technique again from now though. This made me unable to concentrate on what I should write down to ask members in a correct way to get a perfect or pretty perfect answers...I wasn't able to do what I actually wanted to and that was why my original post sounds as 'dumb' as..ever,
    Again, I am really sorry. I hope I will be wiser and more careful next time...bye.
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    I don't see any point in continuing this.
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