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Homework Help: Some questions on a take home quiz dont makes sense

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    11. a football player runs the pattern given in the drawing by three displacements vectors a b and c the magnitutdes of the vectors are a=5m b=15m and c = 18m find the magnitude and direction of the resultant displacement

    wtf how do i do that dont i need a direction or somthing what is that asking?

    14. a sign that weights 250N is suported by ropes a and b that make a 100 degree andle with one another . what forces do the ropes exert on the sign? dont forget the direction and angle(15 points)

    that i think i get but i dont know the forumal do i use h= sqroot of(p squared + b squared)

    15. an object in equilibrium has three forces exerted on it a 33 N force acts north and a 60 N force acts 60 degrees northeast. What is the magnitude and direction of the third force? (show angle and direction)

    do i just find the resultant the way i normal would for the last two because it has the x and y component chart already ont he quiz

    thanks for the help
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    14 makes perfect sense, and question 11 seems to indicate that there is some sort of diagram that goes with it.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Of course. The drawing probably gives you the directions.

    You will have to provide the drawing or describe them. The vertical components of the tensions must equal the weight of the sign.
    What does the third force have to be equal (and opposite) to?

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    i know but there isnt a diagram and i have a another question

    is it possible for the forces on an object to add up to zero but still have it in motion and if so give an example. Is it possible for an object to not be in motion but have the forces on it add up to zero if so give an example
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    Are you familiar with Newton's first law?
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    i forgot it its like and object in motion stays in motion objec tin rest stays at rest right im going through my work quick i have 4 labs and a quiz due tomorrow
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