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Homework Help: Some Questions:

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    1. A man covers 60m distance in 1 minute on the surface of the earth.. Distance he will on the moon in 1 minute will be equal to 60 m even though gravity is low. Why?????

    2. A girl of mass 20kg sits on the seat of see-saw initially impart an energy 400 J to the see-saw. Then at what height her see-saw will reach from the ground?

    3. If there is a reduction in the gravitational effect then which of the following force do you think will change in some respect?
    The correct option from some given choices was Archimede's uplift.

    How on earth can happen this?

    4. Ramesh's house is situated at a height of 10m. The amount of water drwan by his water pump (power 2kW) in one minute would be_________

    5. A ball 'm' of mass 1 kg drops from slab on a sand where it loses its 20% energy. Afterwards it starts moving in the forward direction and comes to rest in 10 s. The distance covered by ball is __________________

    These were some question I came across while studying for NSO which I will be giving next year. I have thought about each of these questions earlier also and I have looked for the in my class text book, but none seems to strike. Please help me soon. I find myself completely at sea to see them. Help Please. Thanx in advance!!
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    If you have thoughts, then you should present them.
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    Well, I have already put what I knew........:eek:
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    Doc Al

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    All you did was list the questions! At least make an attempt to answer them.
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