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Some Questions

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    If you leave Earth traveling at .01c can you reach Saturn in 6 days?

    What type of presently conceptual craft could most realistically achieve this?
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    Yes, it would take anywhere from 4.5 to 7 days depending on where in the orbits you leave.

    There is no way this could be done in practice. Although we have methods which could (perhaps) achieve 0.01c at some point (things like ramjets, for example), they all accelerate extremely slowly, and to even get up to this velocity would take much much longer than a few days. So to answer your question, none.
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    Saturn is roughly 10AUs from the Sun so is between 9 and 11AUs from us (this shows the current positions if you're interested). So at 0.01c that would take 7200-8800 minutes which is 5-6.11 days.
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