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Some schtick

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    In this video Dr Greenstone halfheartedly agrees to make a training video for medical students. However, due to Dr Greenstones indifference to the aims of the video, it soon turns to farce with him refusing to directly speak to camera and a downright bizarre practical demonstration of a ‘head removal operation’…

    To see this travesty of a video (complete with atrocious acting), look here - http://rapidshare.de/files/2262717/DR_training.wmv.html
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    what was that!?
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    well, what did it look like? :rolleyes:

    it's absurd humour.....pay heed to the dialogue!
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    more schtick.....

    Based on David Ike’s theory that many people in high civic positions are actually shape-shifting reptiles in disguise, this video shows a surgeon questioning if he, himself, is one of these lizards. This is his video dairy, as he prepares to operate on himself to discover the truth!

    Video here - http://rapidshare.de/files/2272249/dr_reptile.wmv.html
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