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Some sort of heat equation

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    I'm considering a wall, using this equation:

    Q_P + \rho \cdot C_P \cdot \dot V\left( {T_O - T_R } \right) = U \cdot A\left( {T_R - T_O } \right)

    Where QP is added effect (an oven), [itex]\dot V[/itex] is air-flow, and the rest should be self-explanatory. I'm just not sure what it tells me. The right side gives me the leakage of heat, but I'm not sure what the left side says. Could someone explain?
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    Energy in = Energy out...

    It looks like you have the input energy in the form of Qp and a stored energy component in the moving air stream. I'm still wondering about the units in that group though...
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    Well it's Watt on both sides...
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    and Q=UAdT
    so yeah heat flows, energy in=energy out.
    But I think its Joules on either side.
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