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Some statistical terms

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    Hello guys,

    can you explain something to me please? :confused:
    Hmm.. looking for a way to insert an image. Well, just the link then: image here!

    The blurry variables-things on the left are different input parameters, these are divided into 4 groups (top 1-4). Now I wonder what all the numbers mean. This is what I think:

    Mean: the mean of all values inside a group
    Standard deviation: deviation from mean
    Mean variance: tricky. Under mean-variance I can only find strange financial explanations, under 'variance': how possible values are spread out around an expected value

    Right, but what does that mean? Can I say with these information how the variables are represented within a group? Can I say something about the quality of this representation and if so, what would be a good representation?:frown: If I'm totally wrong, what can I actually do with this? :cry::cry::cry:

    thanks a lot,

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    Is your table an output from a statistical software? If it is, you might try to find a user's manual and see if it has similar examples.

    Can you explain the process behind the table? How were these numbers generated? For what purpose?

    Knowing very little about the specifics, your mean and std. dev. definitions seem to be correct in a general sense. I cannot answer what mean var. is (nor any of your further questions) without knowing more about your objective (the specifics).
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    Er, quoting myself... What I meant was, do you know which statistical software has generated this output? And the reason I am asking this is that different software packages may name things differently. It may be helpful for me to know which software produced this output.

    As well, PF posting guidelines require that:

    if your problem is related to undergrad material, it should be under the relevant homework section.

    per the above statement please request your thread to be moved to the relevant homework section.
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