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'Some' weird questions

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    Q1)Electron has both mass and electrical field, can we said that electron itself possesses both mass and electrical energies? What I really mean is when the electron move in high speed, there are increasing of kinetics energy of electrical field and mass energy? In term of relativistic...

    Q2)I donno if it is true that charge exchange their field to produce force, if it is true, is the "exchange" is within the field or between the particles? (Using 2 electrons, for example) In photoelectric reaction, the reaction is upon of the field or the field due to the mass? What I mean is is the charge field is sustain around the charged particle or maintain by the (mass) particle, does these charge field move in light speed around? Charge field cannot be isolated except in photon, right?

    Q3)Say an electron undergoes Lorent transformation in high speed, is it the contraction here means the distant of the charge field or the mass? Or maybe both? What I mean is is there any different of charge field of the mass in front and behind of that moving electron? Since I donno weither which that 'mass' or 'charge field' is wave, or not, or both.

    Q4)Photon can't move any faster, the energy of it is depend on frequency. Mass cannot move in light speed, but the energy also increase on it's frequency, but what is the point?

    Actually all question above are related, what I actually want to know more about 'properties' of mass and charge field, perhaps the 'bond' of mass and charge. I think I miss a lot of things, felt like I am just asking some unrelevent questions.

    I have some extra question, but rather easier.
    Q5)Let's say there is a simple working chemical cell, and when the two metal immerse into the solution, is it the cell instantly recognise "charge to flow" or delayed some time which depend on some kind of factor? The factor I mean here is maybe about quantum theory.

    Q6)When 2 wire placed parallel together and had their current flow in the same direction, both wayer attracted to each other. But when 2 electron nearby to each other and go parallel in same direction, does the attraction force axist?

    Q7)About the degree of photon can penetrate, I am lost, isn't the higher frequency the more penetrable? Then why we can recieve phone calls inside elevator? Why the density of diamond is so high but still transparent?

    Whoa... I ask so much, hopes people won't get so tired reading all this.
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