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Someone can tell me why neuroscience

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    someone can tell me why neuroscience ?
    What is its actual advantages ?

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    Sorry.. not really sure what you're asking. Why neuroscience is a good field? Or are you asking what is neuroscience?
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    I would like to ask both if possible....
    I have some books on the topic, but I still cant figure out what exactly it is applied for, it is of certainty that I have not yet finished even one of them...:)

    Can you give me some details which you know about ? :smile:

    Thanks a lot

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    Neuroscience is a very broad field, so if you have something more specific in mind, you'll have to clarify. Neuroscience includes any study of any part of the nervous system of any species with a nervous system. It can include or be a part of studies in anatomy, physiology or electrophysiology, development, molecular biology, psychology, mathematical modeling, biomedical engineering. It can also include basic science trying to understand the normally functioning system or how a disease of that system disrupts normal functioning, and translational or clinical science to develop and test a treatment and/or cure for a disease of the nervous system. Basically, the field is defined by the system it studies. Did you have something more specific in mind?
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    I like mathematics much, I used to be introduced about life science by a friend, he told me much about maths and biology, then I came to search the net, this forum etc, and finally found out that biology is also what I am actually interested in...
    In some of the fields you have out-listed, I think mathematical modeling and molecular biology are the only two that really catch my eyes...
    If I want to study about them in relation to neuroscience, where should I give myself a start ?


    PS: I also actually read some materials about biology but there are so many a thing I dont understand especially posts on this board...They are all difficult...
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    Hi Vance, so what exactly is your background, what did you study and on what level? It will make it a lot easier for us to explain things in more detail :smile: If you have any questions, just ask!
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    Yes, I agree with Monique (For a change j/k). Give us your back ground, age, level of education, ect.....

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    Poster's age and framing of answers

    What help would it be to have his age, nautica?
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    I also dont know about my background, true ! we (my bro and i) like mathematics, I am learning in Economics Dept, my father told me to study about it. My bro is about International Studies, because he wants to work in Embasy or anything relating to what he is studying....
    I like everything, from computing, natural sciences to social sciences. I really dont know exactly what i like, most of my free time is for internet where I ask different questions about computer. I have friends who are now studying in many places around the country, we met some years ago. Though we arenot living near, we contact thru emails, letters, postcards and phones mostly everyday..:smile:. Most of them study in CS dept, they are much smarter than me about calculation, planning, how-to deal with different problems, situations etc. True ! Thats why I also try to catch up with them...:smile:. They lend me lots of books, I dont have to buy anything. Nice guys !, my school is also a big one here, there are also lots of books about different fields in library. Luckie !

    I remember a friend of mine had used my computer to access some web page and sicne then I knew about CG...places where I think i get lots of lessons...good site though...

    About my age? My elder broter is 24~5 this year...

    I dont have many questions in biology, just a few...I just hope if i have any questions made in the future, some of you will be willing to give me some help or some explanation to point me to the correct direction...I dont want to get lost...:)

    Thanks for your questions
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    Okay, so it sounds like the relevant information is that you are majoring in economics at the university level, so you're not looking for research programs in neuroscience or intending to work in that area, just expanding your knowledge by reading up on topics that interest you, right?

    The place you'll need to start is to brush up on general biology topics. Even those who do mathematical modeling need to understand the system they are modeling, so still need to learn the biology first. There are a few ways to approach this, depending on how much effort you want to spend and how much detail you want to learn about the subject. You could take a general biology course at your university. Often there are courses designed for non-science majors so you don't get bogged down having to learn too many details about a subject you won't need to use on a day-to-day basis, but enough to help you follow along with your casual reading...if you think you may want to change majors and pursue an area of neuroscience, then you'll need to take more challenging coursework in biology (and chemistry and physics). If you're just reading up on this stuff as more of a hobby, you might want to just use the internet (sites like this one) or some books as a resource to learn more.

    As for understanding the discussions here, if you don't understand something, just ask.
  12. May 2, 2004 #11
    Do you not think it would make a difference if he were 10???
  13. May 3, 2004 #12
    Mental age and subject complexity

    What difference, do you suppose, would it make if he were 10?
  14. May 3, 2004 #13
    Thanks for your concern, I amnot 10, but 12...(last moth I was 11, this month I become 12)
    Last edited: May 3, 2004
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    Age, IQ, mental age, and tailoring discussion material

    Since IQ corresponds with mental age, mental age corresponds with IQ. A person with an average IQ at the chronological age of 12 years and zero months has a mental age equivalent to that of an adult with an IQ of 75. A person with a gifted-level IQ of 133 at the chronological age of 12 years and zero months has a mental age equivalent to that of an adult with an IQ of 100.

    Most people here seem to be adults with superior-or-above IQs (adult IQs of 120 or over), which is typical of college students in the sciences. So, unless you are profoundly intellectually gifted, the answers given here to you might best be tailored to an intellectual level somewhere below that of typical science-major college coursework.
  16. May 3, 2004 #15
    You know, hitsquad, i actually dont know manythings like you and many others here do, true !
    You can check what i have posted and will see,theres nothingspecial, technical and such such...
    BTW, I really very much respect those who know how to analyze things like that, about 'harmony' in your heart, peace in your mind, bhaviors, perhaps if i have a chance, i would also like to learn....

    Nice analysis !!! and nice to know you !
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    Vance, I hadn't realized you were so young! Yes, a lot of the topics here are being discussed at a college level or higher, so if you understand even a tiny bit of it, you should be very pleased! Please, continue to ask questions. Curiosity is a very important trait for a scientist...even one who's just starting out ;-)
  18. May 3, 2004 #17
    honestly, I amnot young, how can I turn back time wiik+2 years ? (lol) I want to do it also..
    Thanks a lot for your encouragement....
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