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Someone expert in COMSOL?

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    I need some help with COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS. I don´t have any experience with FEM analysis. I am solving a non isothermal flow model, and I am varying heat flux that enters in the subdomain through one boundary. I set a value for heat flux, solve it and increase the value to solve the model again setting the current solution as initial value. (analog to use parametric solver but doing it for myself). The question is that when the heat flux reaches a limit value the problem doesn´t converge and I need to solve the problem for a much higher value. I would like to know what is the reason for this and what can I do to get a solution.
    If any of you has experience with this software I would like to ask him some doubts.
    Thanks for your opinions.
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    This is a duplicate post of this thread:


    I basically answer your question:

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