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Someone please debunk this

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    A guy in another physics forum has had everyone freaked out for a month with this claim. He says that a brown dwarf called Hellion will collide with our Sun on 8/22/2009. The result of this impact will be catastrophic. Anyone with credibility heard anything about this?
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    You friend is full of ....well you know. If a brown dwarf star was close enough to collide with the sun then we would start to see its effects on the earth already. We would see huge shifts in the tide and our orbit would start to shift and animals would start acting very strangely.

    We have seen none of these things and there is nothing from any astronomy department or amateur astronomers.
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    This is a variant of the Planet X hoax. There is nothing to debunk, it is just complete nonsense. All if it is just made-up. Keep in mind that this hoax is currently being recycled over and over again with new dates after each is passed. The first failed date was in 2003, though I hadn't heard of this one - the next most common is in 2012. But you already know that, since you've posted about it before! Please stop wasting your time and ours with this nonsense. We don't give crackpot ideas forum here. Thread locked.
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