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Someone please help me with this problem

  1. Oct 3, 2009 #1
    A girl delivering newspapers cover her route by traveling 2 blocks west, 4 blocks north, then 9 blocks east.
    a) What is her resultant displacement?

    b) What is her direction? Use counterclockwise as the positive angular direction from due east, between the limites of -180 degrees and 180 degrees.

    c)What is the total distance she travels?

    I really need this answer please
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  3. Oct 3, 2009 #2
    try to draw it on graph paper.
  4. Oct 3, 2009 #3
    I cannot figure out the displacement either way
    does anyone know what it is?
  5. Oct 3, 2009 #4
    I'll tell you that you will need to find the hypotenuse of a triangle.
    If you draw it out, you'll be able to see the triangle. (You'll have to subtract something to see it.)
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