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Someone please help.

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    Hi, first of all not if this is right place to post a question like this, basically I do not know much about physis I am ok with maths and want to learn more about physics starting with the simple basics. I eventually would like to go onto to a degree in the U.K. as that is where I am based and was wondering if there is another course I can do apart from A Level phyics which could help me get there. Thank in advance.
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    well certainly chemistry will touch on some aspects of physics, but idk what else there is. is there a reason you don't want or can't do a-level physics. If you are ok with math then the physics should not be too hard. You could try going to the library and getting a basic physics text book to see if you can work through some of it and get a feel for how the concepts are presented in terms of math.
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    Thanks for the help there, think I am just going to do the A Level in physics.
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    sounds like a good plan, keep posting here if you have more questions or need help with the A levels
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