Someone said that the earth is hollow. Is this possible?

  1. I'm not kidding.
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    No, it's not possible.

    - Warren
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    Did this person give any reason for believing the earth is hollow?

    (and I'm sure you are not kidding. I have heard people say very strange things!)

  5. This person said that, according to the principles of ordinary science, the earth must be hollow.

    Not only that, but also that many, if not most hard planets and moons must be either hollow or made up of several concentric spherical shells.

    Not only that, but additionally that there is no scientific reason at all to assume that the earth's core is molten, or that the natural center of these bodies is anything other than either rock-solid or vacant.

    Empirically speaking, is the big picture starting to make a little sense? :wink:
  6. Evo

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    You can confidently tell this person that he doesn't know what he is talking about.
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    Did this person give any observational or experimental results which are consistent with these claims?
    If the person used these words, then we can be confident that she (or he) has, at best, a very poor understanding of the scientific approach, and of geophysics ... the give-away is 'there is no scientific reason at all to assume ...' (my emphasis).

    So, Takereasy, are you posting this for light relief? Or are you seriously proposing this?
  8. Hey, don't shoot the messenger man!

  9. Nereid

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    Takereasy, if you aren't able to say anything about the content - to make a case for or against - why did you post it? And not once, but several times, in different sections of PF?
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    Takereasy, no one's shooting the messenger here; we just want to be clear on your intentions. If you're only asking us whether there's any sense to those claims, I think you've received a unanimous response on it, wherever you've posted. In passing, kindly read the guidelines for posting if you're new here; it's a matter not only of courtesy but also making sure you don't get off on the wrong foot. I've not read any of those sites; nor do I plan to. One of my family members has a PhD in geophysics and that's enough for me. If you want to know more, pick up a geophysics book. Oh, and do us a favor by NOT referring those who posted those sites to this forum. I worry that we're already depriving far too many villages around the globe of their crackpot allotment. If you want to try defending such a theory, be my guest as it will provide, if nothing else, a great source of entertainment. But don't be surprised if you get chopped to pieces, as even at scientific conferences tempers run high and attacks get vicious. Science is 100% Darwinian - only the best theories survive and competitors that fail to measure up end up either on the scrap heap, crank sites on the Internet crying foul, or at best the history books and highschool curricula if they managed to hold on to the title for a reasonable length of time. Cheers.
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    Rest assured, the earth is not hollow. The only hollow sphere I know of is between my ears.
  12. Okay [/kidding off] :wink:

    We have a good idea about the interior of the Earth due to different scientific techniques.

    First we have the gravity law, that requires masses to be present to produce gravity. Now you can easily say that you don't believe in those laws but without them there would not have been a single space trip. And those are very real. This law says that the average density of the Earth mass must be some 5.5 times that of water. Now if the Earth was to be hollow, you would loose a lot of volume to put that mass in. And the remaining shell must have a density that would have exceeded any known material. Consequently, we can only explain Earth's gravity when we assume that the Earth is solid.

    Second, we have sysmography. There is ample evidence about how sound waves or sysmic waves behave in solid and fluid materials and boundary layers. As Earth produces numeral earthquakes, the behavior of the sysmic waves are registrated all over the world. Comparing all of those results and using the known characterisks, the scientic can virtually see how the world is made with fluid and solid cores and a multi layered mantle, etc.

    If the Earth was to be hollow, the seismic waves would have behaved totally different.

    [kidding on] But some people think that the world is flat too
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