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Someone wishes me to be silent

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    The problem with the surface of the sun in the other directory is the same problem with the one in this directory. The thread was closed before I could even respond. Evidently the scientific community isn't that open to new ideas. It seems to live by a "silence the heretic" mentality.
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    This forum does not 'represent' the scientific community. It has a specific mandate, clearly spelled out in the rules, eschewing personal theories. This is not a personal discrimination, it is designed to help interested readers separate education from speculation.

    The wonderful thing about the web is that you have complete freedom to write whatever you want and publish it - which you did as we have all seen. But you do NOT have the right to advertise your wares wherever you want, which is what you're doing here, in this privately run site.
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    You are sadly misguided if you think that a PRIVATELY run website represents the "scientific community". This always happens when quacks think science is done on open public forums.

    When you signed up to be a member here (you DID sign up after all, didn't you?) you EXPLICTLY agreed to abide by the rules and regulation as stipulated. Evidently, your word and agreement to go by those rules have no value.

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