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Someone with a math computer program

  1. Feb 21, 2005 #1
    so, this is probably not exactly posted in the right place, but I was wondering if someone could enter a couple of things into a math program for me. I have two simple systems of equations and need the values for them, and unfortunately, don't have mathematica on this computer, and I reallly don't want to try these out with pencil and paper... so without further adiou...




    i need to find the values of a,b,x,y for each set of equations.

    (in case you were wondering where these came from, they are the equilibrium probabilites that player A chooses 1,2,3 and player B chooses a,b,c)

    thanks a bunch

    ~tired of number crunching
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    It appears that your equations are overdetermined. You only have 4 unknowns, but you have 7 equations, which either means that 3 of them are redundant, or there is no solution. I don't have a math program either, so I can't verify that statement.

    BTW, this really belongs more in the Linear Algebra forum.
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    I checked with Mathematica and the solution set is empty.
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