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Something disturbing happened to me

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    OK, so I'm not really sure where this is supposed to go, because I have a feeling it's more "paranormal" than anything else. But here's the story:

    Last night, me and my two friends were sleeping alone outside in a small RV. It was like 12 AM, and we were listening to the radio. It was a Beatles Marathon on station 100.3. We were just talking, and all of the sudden, the song that was playing suddenly cut out ( we didn't here it cut out at an exact moment), but all the sudden we heard the weirdest, most frightening noise(s) we have ever heard. It was so scary because it was emitting clearly from the radio.

    I can't describe what it sounded like. I know there is a Beatles song with weird noises like that, but THIS WAS NOT IT at all. At first I thought it was like 10 dif. stations converging in one, but when I heard that today, it didn't sound anything like what was playing. The best way I can describe it is "white noise". It was like a record playing backwards (a scary record!) in slow motion, with other creepy sounds playing in it. And voices.

    First it was static-y with weird noises, unintelligible voices and random weird sounds.

    Then it got quiet, and a crackling noise that sounded exactly like a fire came. More weird white noise came and you could distinctly hear a muffled man's voice going "uuUUhh....UUUhhh" like he was possessed or on acid or something.

    THEN it sounded like water dripping, and it was echoey and muffled with the white noise, and you could distinctly hear a woman's voice cooing things like as if to a lover. but a lover she was about to kill. it was DISTURBING and creepy. you couldn't understand what she was saying. weird piano bits peep through the noise. Then you can CLEARLY HEAR through the speaker a woman's voice whispering what sounds like, "I think I'm naked." or something like that!!! we screamed and it was soooo scary. It is SO clear. like a ghost or something. even though it makes NO sense.

    Then towards the end, you can hear the white noise and creepy jeering in the background, and it sounds like some sort of protest crowd. Then it fades/cuts out, and the radio announcer's voice came on clear as day again as if nothing had happened saying, "It's a Beatles Weekend on 100.3 Washington!" and nothing happened at all after that.

    I have NO idea what the heck it was, but it thoroughly creeped us out. i recored it all on my camera.
    you can listen here , but you will have to turn your speakers up to hear it. You can't hear it as well as we could on here, partly because it is a horrible recorder, and partly because of our screaming. but you can hear the good parts.

    We were thinking it was either a normal radio disturbance that just happened to sound super creepy, sunspots distorting time and conjuring up random noises, or white noise, or a bunch of dif. signals converging (cell phones, planes, trucks, radio, TV, etc.)

    WHAT do you think it was???
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    please reply =[
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    Welcome to PF, Let's Pretend.
    My first thought is that they sneaked in a Rob Zombie song... :uhh:
    Really, there's no reason at all to think that there was anything supernatural involved. It could even have just been somebody with a transmitter on the same frequency playing a prank. Did you check the surrounding bushes for antennae?
    If you seriously want to approach this from the paranormal direction, it should be moved to the 'Skepticism and Debunking' section of General Discussion.
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    Sounded like broadcasts overlapped.
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    but did you hear the part at 2:07 where she's like "i think I'm naked"
    and there was no music playing either.
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    at the very very end though you can hear in the noise people shouting what sounds like "WASH FM! WASH FM! WASH FM!" like chanting for the radio station, butttt we weren't on Wash FM. Sooo maybe it was something like that. Still, it only makes sense for that last part. Everything else was too bizarre.
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    you have to listen to the thing I recorded to fully understand just how strange it was. i don't think it's a prank at all. really. we were out in the sticks. anyway I will move this to that area.
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    I don't think that you can actually move a thread yourself, but a Mentor can do it for you.

    edit: Apparently, this post came just in the nick of too-late. I entered this thread in General Physics and exited into Skepticism and Debunking. It's magic!
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    The thread got sucked through a worm hole.
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    What I heard instead is "he became naked", a phrase spoken by Yoko Ono in the Beatles so-called song "Revolution Number 9". That's not a song either but a bunch of freaky sounds and audio clips patched up together as one of the group's experiments. I think it's on the White Album. Take this "song" coupled with bad radio reception and you might get the result you got.
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    I have a really good response to that, but it would be against forum policy.

    edit: Ooops! Sorry for the misdirection; for some reason, I thought that S & D was a subforum of GD. :redface:
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    Math Is Hard

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    number nine.. number nine..

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    That one had the audio edited to match the video. I think the following has the video made to match the audio instead, in all it's glorious weirdness:

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    Another possibility is that someone was broadcasting on a private radio with a transmitter that was WAY overpowered, and beyond anything the FCC allows. This happens a lot more often than people might know. If it's transmitting on a frequency near enough to the radio stations, or even on a harmonic, then it can overpower the receiver and you'll hear something totally bizarre. If it was a harmonic, then it will be difficult to understand. It may even have been out of phase, if it were a bounced signal.

    I was a radioman in the Submarine Service, and during surface transits, we'd hear some pretty weird stuff. At first, I'd dial it in until it was intelligible, and it often would be a radio operator broadcasting illegally, and he'd get reported to the FCC. Sometimes it would be a commercial broadcast 180 out-of-phase. Eventually, though, I just stopped fine-tuning, because it would turn out to be nothing but a weather report or something similar.

    I've heard similar distortions of FM radio and AM radio at home as well. I heard them a lot when I was in my mid-teens, until the HAM operator down the block had his tower taken down for broadcasting with power too high, and lost his license.

    It's likely that what you heard was a variation of that.
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    I've lived places where you get weird bleed-through of stations too...similar to what RogueSpidor is describing.

    It also could have been a problem with the station you were listening to, something malfunctioned at the station and they were transmitting all sorts of crap...some of the weird stuff may have simply been random conversation being picked up by the microphones at the studio while people were trying to fix the problem. DJs are goofy people, so it wouldn't surprise me if someone who thought they were off the air was joking, "I think I'm naked."

    There's no reason to assume anything supernatural whatsoever when all sorts of technical malfunctions could easily explain either jumbling of what that station was transmitting, or mixed transmissions from multiple other stations (heck, if you were out camping, it could have been that you were picking up CB/walkie talkie traffic from other vehicles or park rangers, other campers, etc.) I used to live near a road with a lot of semi truck traffic, and got to listen in on a lot of weird CB conversations bleeding through to my TV and radio.
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