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Something I want to tell you

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    I was just accompaning my grandma to the train station, and walking back I met a homeless person - I think he was homeless. I always wanted to ask somebody begging for money on the street, why "don't you just find a job?"
    I asked him this very question, and he was like "Oh man, I've been working for 40 years, that's longer that you have lived." I asked him again "How about a government help, pension?" and he said, "that's not worth it, I don't want any help from them." I kept asking him some questions about food, living and so on. And suddenly he said "You should go to church man..." I was like WTF!? How does he know I don't go to church? It's a few months since I made my own beliefs and refused to live with Christianity, and he's about a 4th person that did the same thing - all of the sudden say "You should go to church."

    But, because I'm sure about my beliefs and I had some strong proofs why not to be in catholicism, I tossed out some examples from the Bible that speak up for the Evil of Bible's God, and he laughed right into my face and said, "Oh man, nobody in this world understands the Bible, Bible's verses have totally different meaning than you think." Then I kept asking, "If nobody, how come you know?" and he laughed again, not giving an answer. I kept talking to him, "I always try to talk to God, but God never talks back, why" he said, "God talks to you everytime, you just don't understand" I kept on saying I don't remember what, and our conversation ended up with "Man, you have some concept of God, go to church."

    No, the theme is not that you should believe in God of the Bible :biggrin:
    but actually I wanted to tell you that these begging for money/homeless people aren't really so bad. Try to talk to them sometime, they're wonderful people, and know a lot. And they will indeed appreciate from your conversation.

    I also have a question, why such people don't look for the government's help?

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    Why do you always talk about your religion. No one wants to hear about it, nor cares. Enough already. Most homeless are drunks/drug abusers and I would recomend you *NOT* talk to any more of them my friend.

    Edit: To answer your question, some people have too hubris to accept handouts from others.
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    I care less about posts like yours Cyrus than the one that initiated this thread.
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    And given this start, I'm not going to wait to find out what will await moderation here in the morning if I leave it open. No religion promoting and no religion bashing, please.
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