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Can someone tell me what would happen if you made an oval light aluminum container, filled it with lighter than air compressed gas like helium, strapped a rocket to the end of it, and sent it flying. Let's say you add a rudder or tale to the end of it and then a gyroscope to the center of it. Would you then have a UFO? Would this craft be able to float in Mid air such as the Blimps did? What if you created your own mix of rubber and aluminum and created a hard yet flexible material to replace your aluminum yet it would be lighter than aluminum?
What would happen to this craft? Is such a craft possible?
The reason I mention this is b/c I think i may be onto how UFO's are man-made. The more I think about it the easier to is to create such a device if you had millions or billions of Dollars at your disposal for such a project. This may explain why Roswell really was a baloon of some kind but with a jet engine strapped to its back. No weather baloon but a spy baloon. I mean, wern't Zeppelins big back then? Those massive blimps. Why not create a balloon that's faster and smaller? If you added a light gyroscope and a fin to the back you could control the crafs movements at high speeds. Of course it would have to be unmanned but who cares as long as your craft returns home with footage of enemy territory. Just as an experiment why not let it sit in mid air and record a town or city?
Anyway, Just thought Id bring up an interesting thought I had on how it might be possible to create a UFO/ Ultra spy balloon.
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Hey Rashid,

The dirigible is one theory to explain UFO sightings. Another is here: [Broken]

November 2000 issue of Popular Mechanics.
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Thanks for that link and the name. Upon further research it appears that the government has been working on perfecting the Dirigible since 1919. This makes perfect sense. It would also explain why there are soooo many different types of UFO's out there. I saw a few pictures and drawing of cylindrical type UFO's hover and flying over different parts of the earth. But the problem with something that size would have to be the composition of the skin holding the helium in. It couldn't go that fast back then. But I'm sure that so much tinkering with chemicals and alloys the government was able to create a nice and semi-tough skin to withstand the pressure of compressed helium. Now, I see a problem with the rapid speed increase. With speed comes heat. Well, i was thinking of a way to bypass the heat problem. It's also simple. I was thinking of a design similar to baloons within baloons. It might be possible to take and use internal baloons within the hull of the craft to disperse coolant such as liquid nitrogen or liquid helium to certain hot points of the balloon to compensate for the heat it would so easily accumulate.
I'll keep coming up with designs and some more theories on how a craft is possible.

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