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Something to sing about

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    Math Is Hard

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    Physics songs...

    I liked Snell's Law -- Macarena Style!

    "Snell's Law, n times the sine of the theta
    If the n gets lower then the theta will get greater
    If the n be greater then the light will get there later
    Hey, n sine theta!"

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    jimmy p

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    We now stoop to new levels of sadness. Why to I have a sudden urge to swot up whilst listening to cheesy pop?
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    hahaha, I love it
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    lol. Funny and it actually works! *tries to memorize it for recital during the next macarena song*
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I love the Walter Smith and Marian McKenzie songs (especially the illustrations in the lyrics to "The Love Song of the Electric Field")

    My favorite, though, is the "Hyperbolic Orbit". If he could sing, that would actually be a good song.
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    "Hyperbolic Orbit" totally rocked !

    Check out http://www.scientainment.com/songs.html [Broken]

    The Cosmic Cabaret is hilarious...and it's got videos! :tongue2: Don't miss Big Bang, Solid State of Mind, Einstein's Angels and best of all, The Solar Boys Club.
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    this is horrible, I downloaded all the songs...I'm such a geek.
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