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Something weird

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    have you ever taken a portable phone (i have a hunch that a mobile would work too) and (when it's not on or anything) ran the ear-end (the end with the antenna) across your computer screen? it makes a weird sort of electric shadowy thing...what's happening? :confused:

    [i should mention that this is a normal, old-fashioned screen - not a flatscreen lcd]
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    I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but it sounds to me like magnets in the phone are deflecting the paths of the electrons (remember a basic monitor (not a LCD one) is basically a cathode ray gun behind a luminescent screen
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    magnets - right, i tested this by waving my electric guitar's pickups in front of the screen - you're absolutely right...i wonder if this is bad for my monitor... :rolleyes:
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    I think it most certainly is. I tried similar experimentation with a color TV, and I messed the picture up but good! When I got my computer monitor, I noticed that it had a "degauss" feature. If your monitor has this in the main menu, you might be able to fix any harm you could do, but I've never had the nerve to test that hypothesis.
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    Honestly, I just like to play witht the DeGauss button every once in a while because it looks nifty. Is that bad? (For the monitor, that is)
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    Keep loudspeaker magnets away from monitors, and TV's especially. I believe the resulting concentrated flux of electrons can burn out phosphors.
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    The degauss feauture will not harm your monitor, and in fact helps correct occasional problems of this nature. Just did it myself right now, and my text looks a little clearer I must say. I suppose one would not want to do it 12 times a day, though. Once or twice a month should be just fine.
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    I also have heard that some monitors automatically degauss themselves whenever thay are turned on.
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