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Something you experienced

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    I am going to work for a company, things on my mind now should be the same as those on yours many years ago. I have asked several people but I think I should also post to ask many of you here to perhaps with a small spark of hope able to get some more advice and realize some considerations to more seriously take to better be or psyche myself up a little. Please answer...Truly, I am really worried.
    In my family I am the oldest, I just graduated from a local college, not a good one, but I already got a job as a physician for a pharmacy company. I am not worrying about if I can do the work/tasks assigned, but only about how I can deal with people around. My parents have only two of us, and I am lucky to have been well indulged since I was born and it is then of course impossible for me to let anyone sit on my head if he is not my boss. Would you tell me your experience over the first time you started your job ? How terrible was it ? Did anyone make you suffer, full-stressed, how did you free yourself ?
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    What are you asking? What do you think is going to happen when you get to work?
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    if you cannot take directions you will have trouble working for others.

    presumably as a physician (with only a poor college degree?) you should have some autonomy.
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    What you learn quickly when dealing with lots of different people is to be patient, don't get upset easily, and just have fun meeting and interacting. If you take it all personally you'll just stress yourself out. Don't worry about it, if you don't have the social skills necessary for that job, you'll pick it up pretty quickly.
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    Thank you

    I really don't like arse sux'ers, how can I be a sux'er ?
    The company I am going to work for, as I have been 'observing' is completely filled with arse sux'ers. Be careful if you want to do businesses with physicians, you know. Something you see today will not be true tomorrow. I always like human interactions, meeting and funnily chatting. I have learnt so much from my mothers(I have some, my father is not a good man I know, but he is manly beautiful, that is why). I thank them very much, I see how the truth is, just by what they, have taught. True !
    Rreally like to learn from them, I am glad.
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    What? Being friendly with your colleagues is not "arse sucking".
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