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Homework Help: Something's not right .

  1. Jun 22, 2014 #1
    This isn't homework, but I wasn't sure where to post this question

    I'm tasked with troubleshooting a generator that's not producing enough voltage. I pretty much traced the low voltage back to the generator. I want to solve the problem with the generator myself, but when I looked at the wiring diagram, it says the generator outputs 35kw, 208vac, 60hz, and 1800 rpm.

    The problem is, when I tried to convert the hertz to rpm, the numbers weren't adding up. My question is why is this? I should be able to convert from rpm to hz and back, right? This is mainly to understand the equipment more and not to solve any issues with it yet.[/b]

    2. Hertz to rpm: Hz*60=rpm(60*60=3600, the problem is that the wiring diagram says its supposed to be 1800rpm...)

    I figured maybe there's a component reduces the hertz, but i don't see this on the wiring diagram
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    "60Hz" refers to the frequency of the alternating current; "1800 rpm" refers to the speed of the rotor. The relationship between the two depends on the number of magnetic poles, according to the formula given here. Your figures are consistent with a four-pole generator.
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    Thank you.
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