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Somethings wrong

  1. Dec 7, 2003 #1
    I dunno what the deal is... but like, when i click on a link in here... it brings me to whatever forum, but i have to refresh in order for it to be like updated. So like... i come here yesterday, check out whats new in philosophy... or better yet, i just check my cp to see whats new in my subcscribed stuff, and i check this and that, and then leave. Come back today, and its like i never closed my broweser at all. I come to pf and its the same exact stuff, i have to refresh for it to be recent. i dunno its wierd... and even if like i refresh stuff once... and like i click on a thread it shows me all the post from when i looked at it the day before... but nothing since then, and i have to refresh... its really starting to get annoying...
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    I think It's like, like something to do with like, you being trapped in a universe where time stands still or something like that.
    If it like, just started happening like a while ago, then maybe its like a problem with your browser and not like, a problem with PF.

    Seriously though, it hasn't happened to me so it most likely has something to do with your internet connection or your web browser. Maybe you could look at your browser settings. I don't know much about computers, so you don't have to take my advice.:smile:
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    If you are using Internet Explorer go to:

    Tools > Internet Options

    Notice the central part of the Internet Options Dialog Box that appears. You might want to clear out the accumulation of Temporary Internet files your browser has collected, but if you go into the Settings tab notice the options you have for “Check for newer versions of stored pages”. If “Never” is selected then your browser will only read the stored pages it has previously downloaded.
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    or better yet, go here
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    No, no, thats not right. Go http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/ [Broken]
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    Thank you boulder head... that was the problem... An yeah... i guess i did use "like" a lot.... eh... i do that when i'm frustrated..... Anyways, i don't really frequent many other places so i guess i only noticed it with pf... I've really got to learn more about computers..
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    BoulderHead is like, you know, glad you got the problem taken care of. :smile:
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